I was completely immersed myself in the story. A story with a lot of tension and drama narrated in a fluid way, with vividly described landscapes in an impeccable setting and characters with great psychological depth and very well built especially the main character, John. Topics about the fight for survival, how complicated life is, the power that the cartels have over some lands, the dangers of this. There’re parts that feel so real. IZZY V. 

Izzy V.

 J 5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic! Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 27, 2023 Verified Purchase This is a fantastic read by someone whom I am willing to say is an underrated author. It's a fast-paced, exciting read with a clear level of enthusiasm and care having been woven into every aspect of it, and an enthralling plot which follows various twists to keep you on your toes. For such a cheap price, there's no reason, in my opinion, to second-guess getting yourself a copy. It's a shame to see that there's some negative feedback here as, personally, I don't think that it's warranted, and doesn't reflect my own experience, but, of course, that's subjective. If you're considering giving this a go, I'd urge you to, as, in my opinion, you're guaranteed to have a fun time. I highly recommend this! 5/5! 


 An enthralling blend of magic and adventure, ‘The Magic Parachute’ reminds us why well-written Coming Of Age fiction for young readers retains its timeless appeal. With a plethora of novel ideas alongside wonderfully vivid imagery, Slade draws his readers in as they discover the enchantment of his Outer Hebrides setting where nothing is easy and “there’s always something pushing at you”. There is much by the way of delightful detail and one cannot help but be reminded of other well-received children’s fantasies which have captured the imaginations of young and old alike. On the surface, Slade brings us all things ‘boys’ and there is no doubt that his plot choices tick all the boxes for a male readership but his tender exploration of loss and extraordinary friendship will appeal to boys and girls alike. Most importantly Slade knows how to excite and involve his readers and doesn’t want us to simply read, but to feel, wonder and also dream. Built on archetypal plot strands that pleasingly come together The Magic Parachute benefits from a clever narrative that’s relatively straightforward in its execution whilst the metaphysical aspects of Slade’s tale will leave many readers reflecting on the evil mankind does to the world about us and the wildlife that suffers for the choices we make. Avoiding unnecessary explanations as to the magical origins of Robbie’s parachute Slade simply portrays the challenges of the quest upon which Robbie and Alfonso find themselves and on this level, it’s a winning concept. 

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